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  1. So I'm all fine because I use second life like it should be used, and my many accounts arent something "wrong"? If so, then I dont have to worry about anything I guess , right?
  2. Hello, I wanted to ask if its "allowed" to own multiple alt accounts? I own many accounts but just right now this question came into my mind. I use 2 accounts on a daily basis, but in the past I created more then 5 accounts I guess, but in the last few months I never used more then 4 alt accounts. If I remember correctly all the others but the 2 I still use are deactivated but I'm not sure. Is this "allowed"? What can I do other then deactivate the ones I dont use? Because if I understood correctly, it isnt possible to "delete" them right? And I also cant remember each name of the accounts I dont use anymore. Thank you very much!
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