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  1. Thanks for that, Callum.

    I did send a polite notecard giving all the relevant order details - after trying to IM her - no response to either.

    She doesn't have an in-world store.

    She doesn't have any picks in her profile (how convenient).

    She also has a funky mess of symbols on either end of her name just to make it difficult to find her in a people search (unfortunately for her, I'm like a sniffer dog - can find almost anyone or any thing).

    She's been online continuously for the last 3 hours (since purchasing the item).

    Might have to deliver an ultimatum: deliver,  refund - or - be named and shamed.

    It's doubly frustrating because I've spent the last 3 months trying to get my friend to come into SL (she finally did a few weeks ago) but this sort of caper doesn't leave a great first impression.

    Also don't understand why neither myself (the buyer) or my friend (the gift recipient) can leave a review.


  2. Purchased an item for my best friend (we share an apartment and a laptop!) that she needs for work in SL.

    My friend never received the item and I'm now down L$1500.

    We've tried to IM the seller twice (she was online both times) - no response.  Then we tried sending a notecard that included the relevant details of the sale from my order page ("gift for..." included).  Again, no response.

    I can only think that the seller either doesn't speak English or is just happy to rip customers off.

    Would I be right in assuming the Lindens attitude would be one of 'tough luck' and that there's no recourse for victims of dishonest sellers?

    It's not as though this item hasn't been purchased before - it's received a fairly healthy number of positive feedback, which is the whole reason I wanted to buy it for my bestie.

    Also, it seems I'm not able to write a review for this item ("you must purchase the product before you can review it") but neither can my friend, who's the intended recipient - she gets exactly the same message, which really sucks.

    This is frustratingly and blatantly unfair.

  3. Feeling (some of) your pain, James. I'm going to join you in a little bit of a vent, too.


    "...given up on finding mature RP with other like minded adults who understand the english language, even if using a translator, who are over the age of 30, or 40.."

    Surely you jest?

    I only seem to come across the one-foot-in-the-grave dirty old farts who apparently are of the grossly mistaken belief that because their wives don't look at them anymore, I should kneel at their crusty old feet and kiss their wrinkled old arses just for being female! (Sorry to be so crude, but there's really no other way to say it once you're incensed.)

    As for RP - I'd love nothing more than to learn, but not if it means that every male player assumes I'm bdsm bait. Pfft to that rubbish (in any event, most of them haven't a clue what a real Dom is).

    Wanted to try Gor but after my own experience of 'men' in SL in general, I'd only want to become a Panther just for the joy of killing them. Repeatedly.

    The vampire business isn't any better - it's just a massive money sink  - and another lot (for the most part) who can't seem to distinguish between vampirism and bdsm and who don't seem to rp anything other than sex (and yes, most - but not all - of them are also one-foot-in-the-grave dirty old men looking for a quick jolly while the wife's asleep).

    Watching paint dry seems far more stimulating all of a sudden.

    Le sigh.


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  4. Not sure when this started happening (sneaking suspicion it was after downloading/installing latest version of Firestorm), but all of a sudden when I select an object, I get the old 'spaz arm' action happening.

    Have made sure 'show select beam' is deselected in Build and went into prefs > Move & View and avatar, but nothing seems to be selected that would be causing it.

    And it's driving me 100% certifiably loopy.

  5. I'm wondering what might be going on, too, because Firestorm has been crashing without warning in the last few days or so.

    Really embarrassing when someone keeps trying to introduce themselves and it keeps happening right at that moment (makes it look like I'm avoiding them and then making up lame excuses).

    Wondering if something's changed with Firestorm recently.

    Can't do the Jira thing - no idea how to talk 'techaneze', much less read it.

  6. Title says it all, really.

    There were only ever 2 members in the first group I created and it's only been me now for either some weeks (or several days at the very least - I didn't take notes and time is mind-bending in SL) -  no property is deeded to it.

    It's a bit frustrating when you're the last member of own group, but you can't leave it so it can be disbanded (Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson! Oh, the horror!).

    Might this be a ticket submission thing?

  7. Streaming Media was working fine in SL viewer, but installed Firestorm yesterday and can't get it to work on my parcel. 


    I've googled the problem, checked and double checked anything I could find on the subject (not much available), and gone over my settings time and again, but all I've achieved is a headache.


    Media works fine when visiting other areas when I click 'allow', though - I just can't get it to work on my turf.


    I can hit 'start all' (it's not greyed out) and silence reigns supreme.  Music and media boxes are checked. Volume is set. URL's are in place.


    I've absolutely no idea what else to check. Does anyone have any tricks up their sleeve they might be willing to share please?


    *Edit: Everything checks out as per here and it even says it's 'playing' but it's not. Internet Security (Kaspersky) is not blocking slplugin.exe and appears to be functioning normally in task manager (all 4 of them).

    Also followed the advice as per

  8. So glad I saw this post.

    I have LM 18 partitioned on my machine with Win 10  and was wanting to install SL on the Linux side (because having to use any Microsoft product it just irks me on principle).

    Guess I won't be doing that any time soon, though. Thanks for all the detailed info!

  9. I don't mind the 'learning curve' at all because I've discovered that once you learn something - however big or small - you never forget it (unless, like me, you've been away for  while but then you pick it all up again fairly quickly), particularly if you keep notes for the more seemingly complicated things.

    It really depends on how much a person wants to do in SL. If they just want to explore the world, rent their own pad, and have a bit of fun as a 'tourist', then the basics are fine, but if they want to be creative, then I'm sure most would find the learning curve worth the effort.

  10. First few days? Magical. That's the only word I can use to describe my initial impression of SL.

    Of course, there was the initial 'horror' of seeing my new and very awkward-moving avi, but that was easily remedied.

    That was back in '06 after seeing a story about SL on some current affairs program, which was focused on talking about Anshe Chung having made her first million USD with 'pixel real estate'.

    Now I'm back again with a partner this time, dancing our feet off as often as we can at Etosha or Muddies - or going on those oh-so-stunning boat tours in Calas Galadhon, or even just sightseeing if neither one of us is throwing ourselves into learning curves at the Builder's Brewery.

    But yes, 'magical' will always spring to mind when I think of my first few days in SL.

  11. Please forgive my noob question but I purchased a complete avatar, opened the box, added contents to the inventory, clicked 'wear' and...nothing. My avi is still in her beginner's body.

    Am I doing something wrong or have I missed a step or two somewhere along the line?


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