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  1. I know a bloke who's 38 years old. He still lives with his parents, is fat as hell (imagine a walking pear), has a Hitler haircut and glasses and dresses like an old-aged man. He has lots of money cos he lives rent-free. But it seems the only interesting thing that's happened in his life is he had heart bypass surgery when he was 36 (he practically lives on McDonalds and KFC, even after his surgery). His breath smells, and when 21-year old girls reject his advances, he calls them lesbians or worse. He spends a lot of time in GTA 5 strip clubs (he brags about this at work) and how he used to be a 'sandbox terrorist' on SL before he got banned. When he's not online, he watches 80s pop videos with his (retired) dad. Does anyone know anyone dafter?
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