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  1. Thank you for your response. I see. Maybe a new account and avatar and clothes? Yikes. I deleted one friend and they wanted to know why. What does one say? This 'friend' in the question, we've been good friends for a while, but things have changed and i didnt want to hurt him.
  2. Thank you for your response. How do non-friends know when I log in or log out?
  3. If i understand correctly, an avatars name can be changed once a week if desired. What else changes with the name change? I have an avatar 'friend' listed as friend and would like not to have this person know when i log in and off. Will name take care of this?
  4. Hello, I have two avatars open in two instances of FS. They tp between the two open FS, but once in the same viewer, it is necessary to switch back and forth between the two open FS viewers to control the avatars. is there a bettrer way to control two avatars in the same viewer without having to switch back and forth between two open viewers for control? Thank you.
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