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  1. Chez Bella was established in early November 2016. It's a slice of Heaven sent down here to earth just for you. We are a family and welcoming to new members. Friendly, coordinated, professional and also fun. We are looking for responsible people who can have fun and be sociable to guests. All the while providing friendly service and expericing memories. What we are looking for: Dancers, Escorts, DJ's, and Host/Hostess Requirements: Your avatar must be 5 days old. We would appreciate 5 hours a week of working. You do not need experience. We will show you around the club and train you upon hire. We'd be more than happy to aid you in any way possible. Responsibility is within this area. Having fun is one thing, but this is still a place of business. We ask you to be respectful to staff, guests and to yourself. Leave drama elsewhere. We also have escort boards available. If you are interested in working in this Slice of Heaven please contact the following people below If you are interested in DJ postions please contact BellaRose33 and Romeo Dean If you are interested in Dancer or Escort postions please contact either VixenRose or Cheyenne Frenzy If you are interested in Host/Hostess Positions please contact PoisonRemedy
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