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  1. Anyone interested in a non sexual sci-fi D/S RP? I'm working on a HUD that outputs a text-to-speech to your SL voice. The person must have discord and available from around 3pm - 11pm SLT. I would like to turn someone as an A.I. with voice recognition that follows and responds like a real person with emotion. I have several IoT projects that would love for you to activate and operate on my command. You will become like Jarvis, or Cortana. I would like to make it a long-term story building RP. Please message me inworld. Thanks.
  2. I've been playing this game since 2011, but I never had a chance to experience what is like to train someone to be molded according to my preference. I consider secondlife as a sandbox to experiment and observe people with a complete abandonment of social restrictions and inhibitions that would otherwise be present in normal face-to-face interaction. I am extremely introvert and has social anxiety, so even in-game, I am very hesitant to approach someone. I love scripting, that's the only way I can practice issuing a command and expect the output that I wanted, there are times that it doesn't but that is because I messed up somewhere. The pangs of loneliness are starting to overwhelm me, So I decided to make a post in here hoping that I could get some applicants who are willing to be my SL companion. More details on my GitHub page. Requirements: Must be female in RL. "please don't make it awkward for me I don't care what kind of sexual orientation you are in-game but please be female in real life."Knows how to navigate, fix and adjust their outfits or at least familiar with the basic interface of secondlife viewer (preferably Firestorm).Voice chat! communication is needed especially when we are engaged in a project. I don't require you to be on voice daily or if it's not convenient for you in real life but please get yourself a decent headphone. English is not my native tongue so there will be times I will misunderstand your tone from your typed text.I have a very low libido because of the cocktail of psych meds I'm taking so don't expect a very sexual dynamics. Although I will let you roam free if your service is not required.Willing to be monitored every time you're online with your avatar. I will be giving you a modified collar that sends information to my phone of your whereabouts, nearby people and nearby chats.Creative, Energetic and willing to share ideas. I love lsl scripting but I fail on building and all the aesthetic aspects. This is where you fill the void.Willing to learn. I believe we will be spending a lot of time exploring and tinkering stuff.Your goal is to please me. I easily get bored so you need to be spontaneous."Subject to change or compromise depending on the negotiations. I will respect your limits but try not to be the submissive who's the one imposing rules."
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