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    Looking for Gokuraku Jodo dance

    I literally linked the SURL above, I've had it for a few months, got it from http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Primary/143/82/22 aka Little Pierce, along with like 100+ additional song and dance animations.
  2. Slyan Alena

    Looking for Gokuraku Jodo dance

    For anyone else ever looking for it, I found the song and dance because of this youtube video and in the comments linked to this sim - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Primary/143/82/22
  3. Slyan Alena

    Looking for Gokuraku Jodo dance

    I've seen a couple videos in my search for a dance animation. Nothing seems to be called it by name. It's a song by Garnidelia, Gokuraku Jodo. I've seen some videos of it in second life even but can't find anything pointing to it. If anyone knows where I could get it, please drop me a notecard or something, at Slyan.Alena or Akala Tanara, also notifications should be on for any replies here.