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  1. I utilize two avatars. one adult avatar and one baby avatar. i utilize my adult avatar for the most. I utilize my baby avar at other times. I have been denied access to nude beaches. and teleport. I'm not sure what it means i have a g rating. I had set my account up properly the first time. Please help. Hadley Yes i am over 21 lol ok regardlless of my rl age. i'll wander for 30 days and see if i can reaccess or my online search turns fro a G to an A. thank you Jerilynn.
  2. I teach fitness classes that range from 15 to 30 people at a time at my moms studio, She also hase classes with clients. Some clients become friends that want to roleplay in some games that we do on SL. So far today three were denied accounts. there were seven individuals who wanted to register accounts after class however we stopped when three were denied that said your household has too many yada yada.... these people come to classes they don't live here. Please help. to Be clear: it said there are too many people in your household when denied result came to them getting an avatar and their account opened. there is my mom and i that live at home that makes two. all these ladies logging in on our shared computer does not mean more people in our house. The ladies logged on and were denied three ladies have never logged into second life before and it said you have too many people in your household with accounts. They are new people who are registering. We got 10 people interested today. Thank you Rolig thank you Linda, Linda's if much easier. I would like to make another avatar and the links are helpful. i could give that to the interested ladies and some intereted men, however it is easier if they are right in our lounge. Rollig\s sort of makes sense however the ladies and some men all do not have the same last name nor do I would even think to ever want our friends which are our clients all starting at the same place we all would like to have a common meeting area. Wonder if there is an API with normal log in to do the API without the same last names and same starting locations. I don't need a website.
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