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  1. I live at Giano, been here for 3 days and so far seen 3 kids running around (all in full rp mode).
  2. I haven't seen any wolves around WW for a long time, maybe theyre good at hiding? So I was wondering if any of them hang here at the forums. Or any wolf RPer's in general. Im in a pack roleplaying at WW, we are currently deciding wether or not its worth to continue trying to continue the rp there or not, as we haven't seen any wolves or gotten new members. There is currently 8 of us in the pack, but not everyone is online at the same time, usually 1-2 at once, so we would love to grow our family. Anyone?
  3. 2 dogs from Hope Mountain kennel looking for their forever homes. Both dogs have had medical checkups and theyre in perfect health. We wish to send them to the same home, or atleast the same neighbourhood. Test time is OK, you can take them home for a few days to see how it goes. (Hoping for homes at community sims such as Giano Estates) Name: Hope Mountain's < New Owner Decides Name > Breed: German Shepherd Age: 2 Years Personality: Calm and attentive. Listens well. Has his playful moments due to his age. Guard dog personality, guard his home well, but not aggressively. Height: 60–65 cm (24–26 in) Weight: 30–40 kg (66–88 lb) Training: K9 training started, but not finished. Showed promising results. Background: Last remaining pup from a litter at Hope Mountain kennel. Name: Hope Mountain's < New Owner Decides Name > Breed: Siberian Husky/Jindo/Finnish Hound Age: 1 Year Personality: Friendly and playful. Can get scared by loud noices, but doesn't react aggressively. Slightly protective of the people he knows. Height: 60–65 cm (24–26 in) Weight: 18–27 kg (40–60 lb) Training: Knows basic commands. Need some training with interactions with unknown dogs. (tries to dominate) Background: Rescued from a shelter and taken to live at Hope Mountain when he was a pup. Contact me for more information or if youre interested in adopting one or both of them. ^^
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