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  1. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: The LL CEO himself has said many times in interviews and on this forum that SL will not close down unless it no longer is profitable. He actually has said no such thing, which is why you cannot provide a link
  2. Forum regulars will laugh at you or get angry for asking this but the truth is - if Sansar is successful, of COURSE it will replace SL Sansar is meant to be a next gen, high end evolved concept - why bother with it if it isn't better than SL? LL wont admit it but any business with a great and a mediocre product will dump the mediocre one sooner rather than later Of course they won't say they're going to ditch SL before the new product's out...do you think they want to commit commercial suicide? The only way SL will continue beyond 2018 is if Sansar fails...and that's debatable. So many com
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