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  1. Hello! I'm looking for a few friends, possibly a group that I can play with and talk to. I'm also looking to be hired, but I'm unsure what work there is within SecondLife. Second Life Information: Name: ღ..Freya..ღ (jesalynmcquillen) Age: 1 Year & 9 months old! Gender: Female Occupation: I'm currently looking for work to pay for my hobbies, shopping is an expensive hobby! :3 Likes: Adventuring - Fashion - Clubs - Families & Events - Shopping!? - Alone time - Music, and many many more! Dislikes: I rarely have any dislikes in the game apart from the generic boring conversations from strangers, ..you know what I mean. :) Real Life Information: Name: Freya Age: 23 Location: United Kingdom Gender: Female Occupation: Emergency Dentist, Dental Assistant. Likes: Musicღ - Landscapes, Views & Seasons - Being on SecondLife - And the very rare occasional drink. :3 Dislikes: People with huge egos - Any form of abuse - And the terrible music in the mainstream these days! (: Well that's about it, I think? Thank you.ღ
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