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  1. experienced real world dj looking for in game wok Full Name Vampiredmage Resident SL Age: 3 years + RL Age 28 Genre/Type of Music you Play: any and all Do you use a mic during set?: yes If no why? What Software do you use?: Radio Dj, My Radio Stream Prior DJ experience: im a radio dj in real life currently been working at the station for 5 years i love it i get to listen to the music i canna hear (including requests Times and Days you can work (SLT): please mark with an X 8am - 10am SLT = x 10am - 12pm SLT = x x 12PM - 2PM SLT = x 2PM - 4PM SLT = x 4PM - 6PM SLT = x 6PM - 8PM SLT = x 8PM - 10PM SLT = x __________________________ MONDAY = x TUESDAY = x WEDNESDAY = x THURSDAY = x FRIDAY = x SATURDAY = x SUNDAY - FREE DAY x
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