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  1. Hey there! My name's Zero and I'm a furry. I am looking to be a model using my kemono (the only avi I use). I'm a femboy so I'll model female clothes but only sometimes because I do wear male clothes at the same time. I'm small, but ready for anything the creator makes. Meaning I do body add ons for my av so I could at least take them off for hoodies (torso add on) or gloves/warmers (hands) to make them fit properly. I use Paws's maned wolf head and BB/MM's canine legs and will NOT take them off. If you are interested in hiring me, just send me a notecard inworld to arooftheraccoon (that's my username) because my IMs get capped. Thanks for reading and I hope I get the job! :)
  2. i need a paws maned wolf head textured please. get back to me soon. i'm broke and don't have any money so could you please help me out? if someone could do it for free now and let me pay later that would be awesome because i don't have knoweldge in texturing or even have a program to make one. contact me inworld at arooftheraccoon Resident. thanks! :)
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