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  1. you know guys, when people say they want to be taught in the bdsm world, it just means that they feel they have a potential for it that they want someone to exploit, someone asking to be taught how to be submissive is someone who is very likely already submissive in nature but wants someone with experience to teach them the ways of that world, or get turned on by the idea of being "corrupted" into sex toys it doesn't mean that they want to be made into something they are not, if they show interest towards it, there must be a reason for it, right?. at worst, it means that they want to see if the things they have touched themselves to and supposedly like work for them beyond imagination, you don't willingly ask someone to teach you how to dance if you don't see yourself doing it and having fun while doing it, or would you but of course, you guys would go and be nitpicky over things that were not issues in the first place and act like your kinky world is too special for this person to be part of, or something. there's no need to over complicate things with most of the things that have been said in the thread, the things about how this person is supposedly not what they're saying that they want to be, bear in mind, what's more, in this specific case the whole being taught thing is probably there to add more into the baby girl that needs to be taught part of the kink, totally suprising i know, shocking this stuff is probably making me sound more uptight than i really am, but i don't think there's a way to say it without sounding like that, or at least i didn't see one, not that i bothered much trying to do that, but still, you guys are just wasting anyone who reads this thread's time with purposeless and kinda annoying nitpickery, should just stop with the "oh so smart, i know more about how life works than you do, because i know you can't be things you're not, and i know what things you are and are not" pretentious talk disguised as advices and try to have some fun... if this person thinks they can potentially enjoy themselves as a baby girl, just let them try and discover that part of themselves rather than belitting them, they might end up being the best baby girl the world has ever seen, or something.. the profile stuff is something different altogether, and i don't really know howthat works since i am new to this, so i have nothing to say on that
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