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  1. Hey guys, i followed a tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EI0bujHVMPM i dont know how to export the rigged mesh to sl. Like does anyone have any explanations of how i can get it from blender to sl. Everytime i try to export it it's not rigged or doesn't work.
  2. Thank you. Will that change the alpha on the prims?
  3. im going more along the lines of making different mesh heads with different facial exppressions on each then somehow linking them and doing the transparent and non transparent options for the heads to show a different head with a click of a button and hide the other heads with the same click. Do you know any script for that?
  4. Hey guys, i been searching for months for a solution to my problem and i have yet to find a good explanation and walkthrough of how to make a script to change facial animations on a mesh head. Let me explain a bit. I made a mesh head and i want different facial animations for it. I want each animation to play and stop with a click of a button. Say for instance some of the mesh heads that are on the market now. You can click a button on the hud and on the head the facial expression changes. I want that for my head. I know it would in tell an alpha script but how would i go about getting the alpha to work with the hud and the head and so on and so forth?
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