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  1. Aight guys I'm just gonna reply and say that I'm all good lolll. I was told I sounded a little sad in this thread, and I didn't mean to. I'm still up for getting IMs if you guys wanna chat and have some fun
  2. Here goes nothing. So I'm pretty new to SL, and I've met a couple of people that I can talk to every now and then, but it's honestly become a frustration. I look around SL and most people are inactive or away from keyboard, or don't like to talk to new people, or only looking for sex, etc, and the ones that are active, a lot of them are trolls and bots. I honestly just came to chat and make friends. I walk into a room with 30+ people and everyone's either quiet or chatting in IMs or don't want to reply when I try to chat with them. I'm feeling a little discouraged with this VR.
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