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  1. I was told it was possible? I accidentally bought nails/accessories for slink hands but I have a maitreya body (also maitreya hands) when I brought the problem up to a friend they told me I could buy Slink hands and do it that way. If it is possible, could you tell me how? Where could I buy just the hands by themselves?
  2. Hey second lifers! Im new here and I was wondering if yall knew some good stores to visit. Ill leave reference pictures to let you know the style I'm looking for aswell as some ideas as to what I mean. Tags: Swag, Dope, Teen Fashion, Ripped Jeans, Yeezus, Tumblr, Grunge, Alternative References: 1.http://fashionalternativ.tumblr.com/image/136772846594 2.http://fashionalternativ.tumblr.com/image/136921908254 3.https://www.instagram.com/fvshion.inspo/
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