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  1. I'm honestly completely lost. Can you give an example?
  2. changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_ALLOWED_DROP) llSay(0, "Your contribution is appreciated, o ye non-permitted modifier!"); } Give a syntax error
  3. Firstly I am very new to scripting so any help means alot. I am looking for a script that allows anyone to drop in a notecard. And also allows anyone to view that notecard inside said object. Maybe a small hud pops up in the corner and says "view notecard" or something when anyone clicks onto that object.
  4. Dejavu Karaoke club & bar is currently looking for DJs. NO 30 requirement bullcrap! If you're looking for a fun place to work then look no further. Dejavu is a new Karaoke bar looking for fun people to join our staff team. If you don't have a stream thats no issue! We provide a stream, details will be discussed during interviewing. Keep in mind we are on an adult sim but we do NOT allow public nudity. We do Roleplay at the club but Roleplay is not a must , but it would be nice to see some effort to make the place feel like a lively club. Overall we are looking for fun personalities. If any of this sounds like your cup of tea then message dewjunkie or stop by to check out the club! Why to join us 1. Keep 100% of your tips 2. New club means fresh start 3. We're fun and laid back! 4. Free beer. Come check us out! Click me.
  5. Hello there fellow stranger! As the title says, I'm Chance! I am very new to SL and still getting the hang of things. I came from imvu and was a member on there since 2011. I'm mainly a big dork whom loves to Roleplay and build things. On SL I am currently testing my building skills. I am also a Co-owner of a new club that is just starting up. I am happily taken INRL and am only looking for friendship! :matte-motes-big-grin: Come stop by and say hello! Teleport Interests: Supernatural, building, Roleplay, music, exploring, more building, being a dork, iZombie, deadpool, meltingInFLHeat, hanging out with friends, video games, more roleplay. dislikes: Ignorant people, closed minded people, jerks, trolls, smart a**es.
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