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  1. Hi everyone! I hope all had a nice day, ofc this is not my account, I'm posting this way just for protection, I'm besieged by some kind of maniac/sociopath avatar who is doing so annoying things (and not just with me) I was in my usuall sandbox just talking , and this avatar, attack randomly with stupid balls who can trow away you or push you any directions, attack random ppl, but this day she/he was far away i think, he makes a gpu crash, i mean "black screen" (i think this is called "sim crash/reboot loger"), so I have to reboot my pc to enter again (ofc this can damage physically your hardware), is that attitude for a report/ban? I mean I know in soo many serious games for less than it, you can get perma banned from your mac address...i don't know if this applies here I really thanks by now for all the answers, this is really frustrating my experience in second life, i just don't bother anyone, I just enter here for have a nice time <3 , so thats all ~~~~ P.d: thanks for take the time for read this btw <3
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