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  1. Thanks for the info and wise counsel.
  2. If I'm looking to rent an apartment instead of buy land/house. Where is the best place to go and not get raped? Thanks in advance.
  3. I went on the SL website real estate page and prices were exhorbitant. Is there someplace to go to find an apartment or small house at a reasonable price? Once I find what I want, how do I go about purchasing it? Thanks in advance all.
  4. I'm in my second week on SL and have two questions I'm sure a more experienced member can answer. 1. Can homan females get pregnant on SL? The question arose with my partner. She thinks she can get pregnant n SL. Since I've seen no contraceptive dispensers or pregnant women, I think not. 2. For some reason when I teleport to Sex City I keep getting kicked off within seconds of arival. So far I've had no such problem on any other site. Anyone have a fix for the problem. Thanks to all in advance.
  5. Thanks again. You knowlege of the SL world is amaing. I am extremely impressed. Now if I can learn to change clothes, be more expressive in movement and figure out how to make physical contact so I can dance with someone like Ive seen others, it will be great. Once again thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks loads. Enlighten me on the difference in a regular avatar and a mesh avatar. How do I know the difference. Where is search engine you often refer to. Sorry if I seem to be a pest.
  7. For those, who've been on SL for some time these questions may seem stupid. But, here goes. 1. How does one change clothes. I've been wearing the same duds for three days. I'd like to perhapse improve my image? 2 How does one modify ones physical appearance without having to go through the entire setting up an avatar sequence? 3. How does one gester and otherwise seem exressive? I just stand almost like a statue when not walking. 4. Am I the only one finding it difficult to get members of the opposite sex to engage in normal conversation? Is there some secret handshake or something?
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