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  1. I´m looking for a skin that look good on a mesh body and on a regular avi head.
  2. I wore a simple avatar and the issue was fixed. Then I add my mesh things back. And for now, everything looks ok.
  3. I sent the photo from inworld to you. Thank you
  4. Hi I cant see my avatar, it looks like a particle cloud I already followed the troubleshooting on the Knowledge Base, but sitll have the same issue. Can please somebody help me?? What can I do?? Thanks!
  5. Entity0x thank you so much.
  6. You are so wrong about the way I am. I like straight answer, but in a polite way. You are acting like a child, answering like that haha. So this is my last post about this issue. See you.
  7. Thank you. So sorry I wrote it unde YOUR AVATAR forum but still not familiar with a lot of stuff. And the answer service sounds amazing. Alwin, you are rude, maybe you need to put on other people shoes. Thanks to the ones that gave advices, is not easy being new on SL. Xoxo
  8. Thank you, I will check on my account on the website.
  9. Yes, you are rude. I'm asking because I don't know if I receive it.
  10. Hi! Does the premiin account recieve lindens once a week? If so, when?? and How can I know I receive the linden?? Thanks
  12. I have Maitreya body, and Logo Alex mesh head. Everything was amazing, until I got and YSSY demo app for Alex Head. So, I bought and YSSY skin body applier, worked ok Then I add the Logo Alex Omega compatible parts Also got the Omega app I click on the Omega app to install it So now, my all face is WHITE, but WHITE without skin....the YSSY applier demo is not working on my face and If I try to go back to my regular Logo Alex mesh head...it has two different skin colours. (yes, I am wearing the alfha)  So please HELP, I CANT DO ANYTHING with and avi like this.  Thanks
  13. Thank you so mucho for the answers =)
  14. I will love to find a model job...but have no experience and too young on SL, what can I do? Are model academies good?? Or is it better to make your own profile?? Thanks
  15. After this, I read info about mesh body, get two demos (SLINK and Maitreya) so I bought the Maitreya. I can wear tattoo and I love my new body. So what I learned: - Read BEFORE purchase - Try Demo - Mesh bodies are amazing Thank you ☺
  16. According to these asnwers I don not have a mesh body. So, I learned that before purchase I have to read about it. Thank you ❤
  17. Maybe, but not sure. I bought a complete avatar and that{s the one I have
  18. Hi, I have to job experience on SL, I really want to work, so I would like to apply for Dancer Xoxo Onix
  19. HI I try and didnt work. Already open, so I have a file, when I add it to my avi, I get something that says LOAD STYLE MODE. What do I need to do??? Thanks.
  20. I spend all day un Facebook, and can get into tweeter too. Contact me if you need my fb and tweeter user name.
  21. Hi. I purchase a tatoo, this one https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Roses-Skull-Back-CAROL-G/9333609 I openned it, but I get a tpg file and I tried to make my avi wear it and I couldn't do it. Please help. Thank you
  22. Thank you, I bought poses not AO. thank you
  23. Yes I bought poses Thank you =)
  24. The one I bought have play in world and play local, so that does it means??
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