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  1. So I got in touch with Ferd, seems a really good guy. He said he might be able to get the infrastructure going for us again. We shall see. TY Ferd!
  2. Oh... // Script by Ferd Frederix ...got a email, so I'll try that. Would love to hear any info anybody has on this work tho. It's demise, whatever... I've enjoyed using this infrastructure for years and years.
  3. So much of our LSL infrastructure based on the URL https://gridurl.appspot.com/ This site going dark has killed many, many scripts from functioning in here. Do we know nothing of the person who was operating the site? Can we get in touch with them? Would they talk to me about continue their work here? What I mean is: If I could get the web infrastructure I'd run a site to keep it going. Anybody know the old owner's name and how to get in touch with them?
  4. Which is exactly what will have to be done, but kinda sucks the flexibility right out of the script, huh? How about we write something and then any inventory put in to rez works because the computer should calculate these things for us and make our lives easy? Seems like not so much to ask. Thanks for verifying I'm not missing a trick. Just wanted to make sure.
  5. I want to calculate a rez offset by the Z size of the object to be rezzed. To do this I have to obtain the object's size before it is actually rezzed. Is there any function that will provide object data before it arrives in world? Rezzing then moving would ruin the effect.
  6. I sponsor a pro cannabis movement and news service in SL. If you own a club or a store or any other traffic center in SL and don't mind supporting a one prim giver on your land that also broadcasts news, using hovertext, about the upcoming Nov. 8th cannabis referendums... please send Worn Resident an IM in-world so I may send you a giver to place on your parcels. The giver sports an attractive graphic with the words "Let Freedom Ring" and a cannabis leaf on it. When touched it will give a notecard supporting cannabis in America, as well as a free potted cannabis plant for decoration in SL homes, the plant when rezzed gives the latest version of the giver for all who will display it proudly. The LFR texture is also provided by the giver for anyone who wishes to create thier own prims to show thier support for cannabis in the US. If you are willing to support the cannabis movement in the US, please IM me today so I can send you a giver for your displaying in-world. Thanks.
  7. We drifted into two separate update requirements for sure. The initial want, and we should be able to update the guts of our own prims from afar. The update server direction was a discussion evolution based on the practicality of what we can actually do in here. So you've kept the thoughts seperated nicely Nova.
  8. So Caspervend, Hippo, anybody else have a favorite to suggest?
  9. Sometimes we sits and thinks, other times we just sits.
  10. Yeah, you shoulda seen me working the list of 30 the time before. :-P
  11. I haven't used an update server for several years, so the technology might have advanced, but I don't think it will update my in-world prims on demand if LSL won't do it in the code either. An update server USED to work when the party gave to rezzed any object. It would email the update server with the version number of the prim that rezzed, and if the version was older than the current version in the server it would issue the update. I do think you are right that I need to put an update server in play Amethyst, mainly because I'm getting a headache trying to figure out how many generations of the same object that gives itself out need to go into itself so that the next giver always gives itself out. ... see, it gives you a headache just trying to articulate it. I think my receivees need a server to issue them a new giver for them to put out. Basically I need an infinite loop which we don't have in this realm. But I veer from discussion. The original discussion is: I need my giver to update thier inventory with no intervention from an avi where they are located. I don't think we have that available to us, but I will research the tech in update servers today. Thanks Am. If it's still unclear, I want my givers to give themselves out so others can also give them out to others who can give them out. Simply idea that is turning out pretty tricky. I do need an update server.
  12. If my reading is accurate, that only works from another script within the same sim. We should be able to update the guts of any prim from anywhere. Not only the scripts but objects or anything else we please. Why not? If emails allowed attachments, perhaps we could deliver to distant prims that way? I just found out an object I've got in a giver has the perms set badly. I have towards 75 of these placed everywhere around the world. Right now I pray I could update that object in prims inventory remotely. What are we, 15 years into SL now and we still don't have this ability? Once again LL, why not?
  13. You own objects in different regions. You want to update the script in those objects totally remotely, without having to visit each object and rez an updater beside the object. That means you deliver a new script from home to the distant object outside the home sim and you delete the old script inside the existing prim. Obviously the new script is set to running. Can it be done? If not, (which I think is the answer)... Linden labs, why not?
  14. Can anyone recommend a bed maker whose product includes an access list? Like a white list of approved users? Perhaps it has a notecard in the bed with the approval list. Anybody know a maker with a good quality product like that?
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