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  1. Im wondering how people set up there Notecard giver like with out clicking on anything. Example: As soon As I enter a SIM Im giving a Note card and a LM with out clicking on anything. it automatically shows up in my upper left hand corner of my screen , I run a rental business and Id like my Visitors to know what type of Home rental Business im running. with out taking up sooo much Prim. Any idea how to set that up?
  2. Goodwoman1

    Sim reset

    im getting this message every time i go on the land unable to create item that has caused problems on this region. im also unable to rez. this is who im renting from http://virtualdreamestates.acatechsl.com
  3. Goodwoman1

    Sim reset

    I just rented a estate land, wondering how i go about doing a sim rest.? How do I share Land rights?
  4. Is there a way to be totally invisible to someone that is blocked? would derender stop people from seeing others on line? i have a friend that I know is online but when I go to there profile in world it shows they r off line. how is that possible? Im trying to hide completely from someone.
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