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  1. Yep, that did the trick! It was indeed a phrase that was sent to me over the mail. Luckily I could access that mail address which they sent it to, so my account has been reinstated. Thank you and I also thank all the others who have responded here. :-)
  2. That sounded like a pretty spot on theory to me, so I went and digged a bit further. Also because, earlier today, I suddenly had a vague memory of a pass phrase being sent to me... So I went to an e-mail account I used to send one of my earlier re-activation cases. And what do ya know? There it was. The actual pass phrase, in a mail. I didn't know what they were talking about at first, but things started to click, and I decided to dig a bit deeper after you said this, so thanks for that! Calling them now to get my account back up again. I hope they didn't replace it with something else by
  3. I seem to recall that I may have entered my birthyear wrong by a year, so I'll try that to begin with. The rest... well, they've re-activated my account before through mail support, but this time it's just a pain in the behind. But you actually never had to call? They never asked you to do these things they're asking of me now?
  4. Strange. Maybe because it's not the first time I've deactivated my account, but they keep asking me to call them. I also logged into my main account and opened a support case from it, but it still keeps telling me it's been put on hold. Maybe they sent me a pass phrase to the e-mail my main account is linked to, but I've already notified them of the fact that I cannot use that e-mail account.
  5. Two out of three people from customer support asked me for a pass phrase, and the remaining one only asked for security questions and told me she couldn't help me from there. So I have no clue where to continue from here, if I can't contact anyone by e-mail as they keep re-directing me to calling them, and if they themselves don't know what they're talking about... pfft D:
  6. No clue, I found the number on the actual site here, called them through Skype and all... though I think they don't mean the account password at all, but something else entirely. What they do mean, however, is something that seems to be difficult to find out. I can't find anything in any of my old mails, starting from the first ones I ever got related to SL, and my account is no longer linked to an e-mail address I can use. Damn.
  7. Nope, apparently not it. The person who helped me over the phone said the account couldn't be verified, or something, after I gave the password to my account, so apparently that's not what they mean by pass phrase. I can't find anything about it anywhere else either and they keep saying they can't help me when I ask what they mean by pass phrase... it's a confusing mess and I don't know what to do.
  8. Perhaps that's it, I'll try, thanks. I can't think of anything else either, and they wouldn't tell me what a "pass phrase" meant, either, so I'll just go ahead and try it by giving them my password.
  9. Wanted to activate my account again after deactivating it (and regretting it eventually), but I kept being told to call Second Life Support. And so I did, but they asked me for a pass phrase and I've never heard of a pass phrase on Second Life accounts before. They said it had been installed on my account, but I don't know about anything, and I'm very sure nobody else has used my account. I thought they'd ask for security questions, but a pass phrase? Where would I have received this? I also linked the e-mail I used for my account to an e-mail address that doesn't exist so I can't get it from
  10. To keep things short, I deactivated my account some time ago and, regretting it, I now wish to reactivate it again. (I'm posting from a different account) After submitting plenty of cases asking if it could be done through the mail, the answer remained, "Call us". And so I finally did. Gave them my account name, ready to answer the upcoming security questions. And then they asked me what my pass phrase was, stating that one had been installed on my account. I was confused. What pass phrase? I've either never done that, can't remember it, or Second Life themselves have placed a pass p
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