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  1. I've watched several videos, read blogs on Altamura skin layers, makeup applications and nothing really explains what to do or how to apply. I'm lost. Completely clueless. I made a mistake on my body the other day by taking it off and then reapplying that affected my appearance. From skin tone to ring around the neck. I got as much of that fixed as I could and grab a demo on skin thinking this would fix the ring around my neck. But now I'm unable able to take it off. I really enjoy second life but have no concept of how to apply my makeup....skins nothing. At this point I'm ready to quite beca
  2. Don't know what to do my avatar won't fully rez. I've uninstalled, reinstalled connected directly to the internet and still the smoky mist remains. I've even added Control studios and Second Life viewers, nothing seems to help with the three viewers. Last but not least I've rebooted my router even tho my signal is strong. Is anyone else having the same problem or similar?
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