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  1. Dear LindenLabs, I am writing you this letter because i am angry. I am angry, i am dissapointed and i feel lied to by you and your staff. For over a year i have been herassed, stalked and bullied by the same person. I file abuse reports, but NOTHING HAPPENS!! This person herasses me, stalks me, and spreads FAKE NOTECARDS with chats that were supposivly wth me..... in these note cards he makes me look like an awful person and for some reason he manages to get me BANNED EVERYWHERE spreading lies and rumors..... ( I myself NEVER use note cards because i know they are fraud sensitive! So i use Gyazo to make solid screenshots. Those cannot be tampered with) Yet, this is NOT ENOUGH to have this person BANNED FROM SL for VIOLATING TOS, TREATHENING PEOPLE, HERASSING PEOPLE , BULLYING PEOPLE. and all LindenLabs can say: BLOCK EM!!! What a damn lame excuse LL!! This person keeps making ALTS to come after me, and you have PROOF OF THIS and still you do not act...... One question for you LindenLabs..... (before i turn my back on you) WHY DO YOU NOT FOLLOW YOUR OWN TOS? AND LET GOOD PEOPLE SUFFER BECAUSE OF INTERNET BULLIES? WHILE YOU KNOW THAT INTERNET BULLYING IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE ?? i am SICK AND TIRED of being BULLIED and STALKED and you not doing ANYTHING!! bye bye LindenLabs!! im going to give my money to ANOTHER BUSINESS that does EARN the RESPECT and does STAND UP for its Policy and its members.... L8ters!!!!!
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    So, i have been reading up on 'moderate content' and there is something i do not understand. Maybe someone can help me explain this?....... I know of places in SL that are situated in MODERATE SIMS. Yet, a lot of sexual activity happens there, poeple are naked, huge private parts and very kinky danceballs. In most of these places there is a lot of sexual explicit languages and the staff and/or owners of the sim, hardly or even totally do not care about what people say or do there...... And the worst part is, i have seen TEENAGERS there and even CHILDREN avatars. As a parent of a 10 year old girl, this kind of shocks me to be honest. Is this all allowed in moderate sims? and is there any checking by linden labs on these sims? Does it even help to file an official complaint about a certain sim, because the sexual behavior there is absolutely NOT to be considered moderate and is actually very harmful for people who have not reached the age of 18 years yet.
  3.  If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Leon DaVinci (raversreligion) or Trinity Davinci (Eretriabeck). We are looking forward to make your acquaintance! :)
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