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  1. Oh, nearly forgot about this: This is in-game rigging and animation system - so simple and friendly to use by anyone. It needs an mirroing to skeleton creation process + some friendly controls over weightpaint, but after that ... wish someday it will be avaliable in virtual worlds ). Hope there is no hidden catches (because for some reason this user animation tool was rejected from latest builds of this Overgrowth game).
  2. Well, something else also can be helpful: From user-side experience of a BlueMars (as simple visitor) there was really annoying (sooo painfully slow) "point&click" movement system (and no flying of course). WASD movement was added later but it was horrible/non-usable implementation. You can still experience that first hand (BM's servers still working for some reason). From content-creator side I can suggest to have a look in a Unity 3D game engine editor for one detail - IMHO it has most user-friendly content import pipeline currently avaliable (meshes & textures). Fast and simple -
  3. Monty Linden wrote: #1 and 2 are definitely points on the team's mind. As for #3.... well... I'm okay but... Well, if #1 & #2 is in a spotlight - guess that means #3 is also good. Sorry if I was too harsh judging fellow programmers from a BlueMars...
  4. May be this information will be somewhat useful for a Project Sansar team. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If someone remembers back in 2009 there was a "Blue Mars" virtual world, that promised good graphics and physics (it was based on Cryengine-2). So, at autumn of 2009, I have signed NDA as a creator and started building my own virutal world. But six months later I have lost any hope because of some really obvious problems. Here they are (all IMHO of course): 1)Creating 3D levels must be as simple as possible (user f
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