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    Cant Run

    Avatar is unable to run forward. nothing happens when i try to run, she just walks like normal, and when im going down stairs, she stops on every stair to "fall". tried adjusting AOs and still nothing.
  2. i cannot detach anything from my avatar. i tried to load a saved outfit and my old outfit just stayed attached and the new one overlapped it and loaded on top, so now i have two loaded outfit that i cannot detach. ive changed computers, viewers, clear cache, redownloaded my viewers, tried to detach all from several areas, nothing will come off my avatar. Even huds are stuck onto me and i cannot detach them. i also cannot run and going down steps i "fall" for a long period of time. please help me!
  3. im trying to buy Maitreya - Lara - Mesh Body, in her in world shop.... but when i go to purchase it, i get a message saying i have 0 linden, when i have over 5k.
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