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  1. yes I keep seeing splashtop and I did find that they have a linux version for the server side as well so I will give it a try and report back. thanks for all the suggestions peoples!
  2. Hello, I run viewer on a 13" macbook pro and it seems to work reasonably well but it gets hot and lags a little. not so much that it makes things miserable but I was hoping I could stand up a tower workstation and somehow access that computer remotely from my laptop so I can leverage the horsepower of the workstation but sit in the comfort of my living room using my laptop. Is anyone doing this yet? I saw something about steam link which sounds like exactly what I want to do but the sl viewer is not a steam game. I tried VNC but it does not support sound. the workstation is Linux Mint and I would prefer to keep it that way but if I had to go to windows I could probably do it. Any recommendations welcome. thanks -J
  3. is it possible to set something so that friends or a specific friend can send me a teleport and I will just automatically teleport without having to accept? maybe a script/attachment or a 3rd party viewer?
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