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  1. Well the object doesn't want to be co-centric with the sphere. Also, its behavior is not just going to be a simple coplanar orbit, it will move all over the sphere, so I would have to call the Omega function regularly anyway. I will keep the suggestion in mind, but to use it would be a big compromise to my vision, so I would still like to find the correct answer to my issue.
  2. I'm trying to get the child of my root prim to move along the spherical surface of the root prim. So far I have it able to move across by setting its local position to a normalized vector. The huge problem is with the angle. The moving child is sort of a disc, and it needs to be flat to the surface of the sphere. I thought it would be simple enough to use llAxisAngle2Rot, providing the normalized position as the axis, and some arbitrary angle, and that would keep it rotated correctly, but it doesn't seem to do that at all! It almost seems to use the angle parameter, but ignore the axis itself. Basically I just want the child to "look at" the center of the sphere while still using llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast
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