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  1. Thanks for the info. ^^; it kinda shows you how often I check the site, I'll have to go digging and see what I find.
  2. So, I usually buy Lindens every few months to update or change around my avatar, and I noticed that they increased the tax from .30 to .60. Has anyone else noticed this? is there a notice of when and why this happened? I'm not complaining, I'm just curious.
  3. Awesome, thanks for explaing it to me, trying to read what LL says confused me for a bit. x.x
  4. Could someone explain to me what Bento actually means? I've been out of sl for awhile, and I don't know if this means i will be needing to do a lot of updating for my avatar or not.
  5. I am looking for popular body-addons for the Kemono avatar. ( Chest, butt, ect.) I just came back from a very long hiatus and have no idea as to whats used and modded for the most.
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