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  1. Looking to get into the whole family RP thing. I'm a single woman and wanting to meet a serious man whose interested in starting and growing a family with me and must be open to marriage, pregnancy, adopting kids, etc. (SL only) Recently moved to Cedar Creek and have plenty of room at my house, so we can maybe live together and RP, build our story.. then see how it goes. Also looking for Children to adopt and Siblings/Parents/Aunts-Uncles/Roomies/etc etc.. I want a big happy family and stay busy having fun! whoever is interested can IM me inworld: Alannagrace.Resident (more
  2. I live on a pretty big plot on mainland and I rent from a friend who gave me a good deal.. but the rent is still abit high to me, and I dont need 40% of the prims anyway I was thinking about making small furnished skyboxes, which are ready to move in with all the latest furniture & stuff... and alotting another 20 prims ontop per box. is this something people would be interested in? would 100l/week be an appropriate rent for such an arrangement? and how would I get people to come & rent. I only wish to make 4-5 boxes to make up atleast 50% of my rent.. i'm not after profits or anythi
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