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  1. Yes it is on the Midday windlight.
  2. Yes, In Preferences Graphics Shadows were set to Sun, Moon & Projectors. I have now changed it to None. The dark shadow on my neck and Shoulders from this photo is now gone with the new Shadows setting. However, the issue on the face remains.
  3. lol, the red box on the ear was gone but now it is back.
  4. On the Catwa Head hud, I chose Reset All. By doing this, the red box on the ear is now gone. However the mask like lighting around my eyes and tapering down towards my lip area is still there. Attached is a photo of the Catwa head right after I Reset All. There is no makeup and no skin applied. Also the Catwa Face Light is not worn in this photo. I don't believe my head used to be like this. Not sure if it is the head or some mysterious lighting source shining on it.
  5. I tried removing the Catwa head. The red box does not exist on the ear of the Classic head. When I put the Catwa head back on, the red box also appears on the ear again. Maybe this is a question for the creator of the Catwa head as to whether the red box should exist on the ear or not.
  6. I have done as you suggested. The only object that comes up is the Catwa Ears. Light is not checked under features. It is funny that the red box is only over one of the 2 ears. The 2 ears appear to be one object together. When I choose Edit Linked and click on the one ear with the red box again, only that ear is selected rather than the 2 of them. There is no modify allowed on the ears. Perhaps for some reason I am not able to select the box? I have tried quite a few times and all the comes up is the ears.
  7. I have put the Shine and Glossiness on my Maitreya hud to zero. I can't find a Materials option on it. I tried removing everything besides my Maitreya body and Catwa Head. The problem still is there. But I have found a red box attached to my ear by hitting CTRL+ALT+T as suggested by Lindal Kidd.
  8. I have done as you suggested and found that I have a red square attached to my ear. It is there even when I remove all my clothes, hair and jewelry. I am not wearing my Catwa Head Face Light. When I look at the list of the items I am wearing, there are no face lights listed. Why is this red box attached to my ear and how can I get rid of it?
  9. In this particular photo I am wearing LumiPro Lighting for the photo but not my regular face light. No matter how I pointed the lights, there still was the glare patch in between my breasts and on my face. I included this photo to show the breast glare. I have gotten a similar glare to varying degrees with absolutely no lights on me at all. In the other photo of my head I am wearing no lighting of any kind. Perhaps it is the application of the scripted hud textures, I am not sure. I don't own my own land so can't do a region restart. However, the issue has been occurring for weeks and on many different sims. Thanks for your reply.
  10. Thank you for the reply, Resi. It is only my avatar that is having the glare issues. When I look at other avatars, they look fine. I have not changed any monitor graphics settings recently that might have caused this new issue in SL for me. I have posted a few pictures below.
  11. Hi Nalates, thanks for the response. I am not sure how to clear my body's effects to clear these normal or specular maps. I wear a Maitreya body. Would the "Clear All Layers" option do this? Would I also have to do something similiar with my Catwa head?
  12. I am having having an issue with glare patches on my avi's hair, face and skin, especially a patch in between my breasts & upwards in a V shape. The glare issue is still there when I take off my Catwa Head Light. I am not wearing any other lighting. It gets worse when I try to use my LumiPro Lighting for picture taking. I have spent a lot of time moving around the LumiPro Lights and can't find a position to place them in that does not increase the glare, except of course if the lights are shining away from me. But without LumiPro lights, there is a glare issue so I am thinking Lumipro settings is not the cause. I wear a Maitreya body and have tried turning the shine and glossiness off. I use the Firestorm viewer and all the settings in Preferences, Graphics seem to be set at those I have been using for years. I have tried various Quality settings in that menu and the glare remains. It even happens with the basic Midday Light, so I don't think it is an Windlight selection issue. I have tried going to a variety of sims and have the same issue at them all so it does not seem to be a specific environment problem. The glare is there even if I take off all my clothes, hair and jewelry. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing the new glare issue I am experiencing?
  13. I have read a lot of information from years back that comes up when I do a Google search. I am needing some current info. Some sites make it seem like Pocket Metaverse is available on the U.S. App Store but not Canadian. Another site claims it is not available at all to new users any more. Can't find SL Go. Some sites make it seem like Lumiya is only available for Android. Other sites say there is an IPhone version but nothing happens when I try to download it from the website (can't find on App Store). No luck finding Touch Life, Sparkle IM or Ajax Life. Nothing at all comes up when Second Life is searched for in the Canadian App Store. Is there any App at all available to Canadians?
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