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    Hi...okay I'm having a big issue with inventory items, I cant add, attach nor detach clothing huds anything...they are all greyed out I tried relogging several times,reinstalling and cleaned my cach from network and files directories but nothing changed its still the same,,,can someone please help me solve this issue I will greatly appreciate it
  2. Mzmathis22


    (We're Having trouble Connecting.There maybe a problem with your internet connection or the second life grid. you can either check your internet connection and try again in a few Minutes, click help to connect to our support site, or click teleport to attemp to teleport to home) .thats the message i get when i try logging in my account i tried logging to other regions and still get this
  3. Mzmathis22


    im having problems logging into my account everytime i try to log a message comes up saying that its something wrong with my internet connections are it maybe something wrong with grid....i cant log into my account at all that message continues to come up when i try to can anyone help...or let me know what the problem is please
  4. Mzmathis22

    I cant login

    i cant login in to my account it keepsaying wrong password and my L$ are missing aswel...can someone tell me whats going on pls
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