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  1. Kimmie & Kronic, Our love story definately has the twist, we met at a club where I dj'd. We had a instant connection and chemistry that could not be denied, but as fate would deal the cards we both had partners at the time. But we still talked and built an amazing friendship, but each of us would suffer that heartbreak and was always there for each other. Until they day came that we both was single and I finally realized that my happiness had always been there in front of me the whole time. So we started hanging out and became attached at the hip, having that special someone to share you SL with is the most amazing feeling ever. We both always talked about meeting in real life and what our time would be like. After working a full day and not sleeping for close to 30 hours, it happend. I made the flight out for the weekend and held my forever in my arms, from that first kiss to seeing her for the first time. I knew in my heart that this girl was the one I would spend my forever with. So as of November 2nd, I took that leap of faith and packed up and move to where Kimmie was. We enjoy every moment of our RL & SL life that we can. As we both still play SL, we agreed why give up something that we both enjoy when we can enjoy it together.
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