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  1. Thanks guys!!! I got someone! Will bookmark the right spot for next time
  2. Hey I am trying to find out what all would be entailed in hiring a scripter to help with a photography pose stand. If any scripters out there are open, please poke me and I will let you know what I am trying to do! Thanks!!!
  3. I made a new group. He isnt in the group at all, as stated above. I am the owner. I made a new one just so i dont have to deal with him anymore :)) No more drama!! Thank you!
  4. So i should make a new group to be safe. Thank you!!
  5. A friend was going to help me build a sim, we were in a relationship, so i had him create the group for the land. (It is my sim, and my baby - he was helping.) We broke up 6 months later and he left the groups... now 2 months later he is threatening to close the group. He cant if he is not even a member right? He would have to kick everyone?
  6. Can you please add the option to searh for certain permissions? Like if i want full perm i would love to not have to sift through 37 pages of other stuff. Would make everything a LOT easier!!! Thank you for your hard work on this!!
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