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  1. Hiring teachers and coaches for a PG role play high school! We currently have over 100 students enrolled, and we offer a fun, interactive, family friendly environment. Bring your students on field trips, decorate your own classroom, and chaperone fun events such as dances, carnivals, concerts, parties and more!! A great, dedicated staff is the foundation to any successful business! Below is the link to online application: STAFF APPLICATION You may choose the times and days that your classes are held. Classes are generally held between 8am - 8pm SLT. Clubs may be held once per week! This is a paid position. Pay is weekly, and will be discussed at the time of the interview. We are only looking for employees with a genuine interest and a love of PG [family] role play. We're always looking for great ideas for classes that students would enjoy, so please feel free to make suggestions! Some subjects that we are currently hiring for include but are not limited to: Art Building Culinary Speech & Debate Human Biology Dance Technology Geometry French Gaming Chemistry Health & Nutrition World Culture Spanish Fashion Photography Etc... Clubs & Extra Curricular Activities: Yearbook Club Newspaper / Journalism Gardening Club Etc... Some sports that we are currently hiring for: Football Coach Tennis Coach Track Coach Swimming Coach As a coach, it will be important that you are familiar with (or can quickly become familiar with) different huds that are used for interactive sports.
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