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  1. I do know how to create poses but I feel very limited using QAvimator, I do have free joints off as well so I can make more extreme poses but I recently came across Avastar ? Is it worth getting ? Also I tried googling how to create poses for couples which I did find but ? How would I test them to be sure they came out the way I wanted ? I know I have to get pose balls to test them but I don't know much about scripts also I haven't found a decent page to learn about them or a video source ? Sorry for the thousand questions :smileytongue: Also thank you guys for responding !
  2. I'm kinda new to creating poses for SL and I'm use to blender is there a way I can make my static poses for blender instead of QAvimator ?
  3. Helloo people !! I'm fairly new as here I started to play last week but I had my SL account for awhile now I'm looking for friends to chat with but at the same time I'm also creating poses to earn some money so i can start a store I WOULD LOVE to meet someone who has the same intrest as me so we can share tips and help each other out but if not we can be friends still just because I need people to talk to from time to time lol it gets pretty boring afterwards I'm 21 m with a female AVATAR because I'm creating poses for female and maybe couple poses in the furture ! I also wanna get into clothing but that's if someone wants to start something cool ! :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Send me a IM I'm very friendly and open minded ♥ Also if your part of the LBGT ofc send me a FR because I need more people like me !! LOL
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