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  1. So I've been learning to make tattoo's and over the last 2 months, I've done well! But the issue is I can only make Omega tattoo's, I've been looking for the other Applier items I could get to use to apply them to sell but can't seem to find them anywhere. Could someone help me with links or info on where to get the other mesh body appliers?
  2. So I sold some Lindens, waited for a week then cashed out to my Paypal on the 19th...it says my ending balace is $0USD but my paypal still hasn't gotten any funds, am I missing something here?
  3. I have a LeLutka and a CAWTA head...and just got a partner so been having alot of 'fun'...but I noticed that I don't open my mouth or moan like she does with her Non-mesh heads, is this a issue on my end or are all mesh heads like this?
  4.  Playing with settings for perfect shadows, I keep running into the issue of 99% of the time they are blurry and unrealistic. 1 is how they tend to be, 2 is what I can get sometimes when I play with the envonment scales and move the cam around enough. Any help? I can't do Black Dragon viewer...just putting this out before it's mentioned...not sure why, I have it DL'd. I think it's cause I'm on a win10, but it gets to 90% loading and crashes. My settings are also on ultra and everything maxed, I took off nearly all huds.
  5. I haven't even turned shadows on so thank you, and I've played alittle with Windlight but being new, I still don't full understand it. I need to re-DL Gimp too.
  6. So I JUST got my new PC that can handle SL on Ultra...but I been using it on the step between High and Ultra. So I've been taking screen shots and realizing that on flickr and some tumblr posts they have people with amazingly realistic pics, I'm sure most/some are edited or touched up. Could I get some advice on settings for those types of perfect pics, and edit programs I could use? This is a Screen shot of how mine tend to comeout, and it's pretty but not that perfect type that I see so many people using. 
  7. SAME exact thing just happened to me, so yo aren't alone. Was giving a friend 500L and then went down to -1L, logged out and then LOGIN FAILURE
  8. OH GOD, Ok lol...that's perfect then. I was HOPING something was like that which is why I wanted to ask. Just coming in...I'm new to these things, I'd have thought that the 'DEMO' written all over my body was the only issue.
  9. Ok so I'm in love with this guys skins on how they look on HERE, but when I take and use a demo, EVERYTHING is normal, until I apply the Shape, and well....you can see what happens. Is this suppose to happen? Is it fixed like this in the demo and I'm missing something cause I'm new-ish? A picture of what he's selling, and then a picture of the HUGE HANDS AND FEET when applied in SL. Please help, I love the body type/shape, and love the skin and how the faces look. If it's just his items he's selling that's messed up, could anyone link me good meshes somewhat like them? Yes I know my graphics are horrible, I have them set to lowest til I get my new PC in 2 weeks.
  10. So I just started, and a friend gave me $1k...that may not seem like alot of maybe it does...not sure but it is for me. Anyways I bought an item, tried it on and seen the White Box looking thing on me...or so I thought. I went to my home area to try and unpack it and spent around 30 minutes going over all the options ONLY to realize I bought a Demo, from the 'demo' tag over my head. Did I just waste $1k on a demo item..or am I suppose to Un-Demo it somehow? ---EDITED/ADDED Info---- Ok so looking at my transaction history in the marketplace...it only shows $1 for a pair of jeans my friend helped me buy the 1st day two days ago. It has nothing on the $1k item I bought, so I logged in and checked and yes...my money is still missing and the item I have on me is... { VS DEMO - vString Revo Natural -Cleavage Larger v4.6 } Which is in my folders but not in my transaction History or recieved tab. This is very confusing...I have the item, and I know my friend gave me the money for it, I know I spent the money on it. I just sent a IM to the maker of it but she isn't online.
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