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  1. Do you know any script that counts how many hours a person stayed inside my house? I want to have statistics on the length of stay(hours) of each visitor.
  2. You are wrong. I was banned unfairly. No facts. I asked for the facts on the support and I did not receive it because they did not exist. I created my account in November 05, 2007. I never broke the terms.
  3. LL banned me without facts, they just showed me rules that I did not break. I replied that it was slander and I never broke those rules. they did not tell me who made the false accusation or the fact that caused my banishment. But my account is normal now. I will make the purchase of new lindens using Paypal, if LL delete my account again unfairly, the refund will be easier.
  4. My account was deleted for false accusation in 12/January/19. I was slandered, so the support banned my account. Support quoted some rules that I did not break then concluded: This concludes our investigation of your appeal. You may not return to Second Life on any account, new or existing. Please consider the matter resolved, as no further communications will be sent. All subsequent communications, I was not answered. The ticket was closed without response. I had balance in dollars and lindens on my account, and they did not return it. Support only deleted my account for false accusation. This was a big problem, I had to contact the bank to ask for the return of the payments of my credit card, because the support did not answer me. But on April 21st, support reactivated my account as if nothing had happened. I intend to buy more lindens, but I'm afraid my account will be deleted again. I've never broken the rules of the second life. How to prevent my account from being deleted because of false accusation?
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