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  1. hi, tried, still happens just takes longer to suffer the same issue
  2. thank you, i will look for another that is very much like V1 layout/design, then try the official if it still happens
  3. well i have submitted a ticket to them...whether the reply or care is another issue lol
  4. im hoping it is a coincidence also..thank you for replying btw,and yes...my ISP is pretty good given the flack they get, lol.... but im still confused, why my homeland and no place else :|?
  5. hello all!, was not sure where to put this, so i put it in the land, section :( since the rolling restarts on wednesday, my land has a funny issue that only affects me and nobody else, what happened was, wednesday afternoon, i attempted to TP home, but it was denied due to my land being offline, so i though, rolling restart, so i headed off to do some G&S fishing for the next few hours....come the night time (uk time for me ) i tp'd home, and started to sort a few thing out...15mins after tping home, i get forcefully disconnected, i logged back in....15mins later same thing, then again another 3 times... at which point, i decided to just log, and head for bed in rl...i logged in the next day..10mins after logging in exactly the same issue, got kicked, this time, my viewer (singularity) did not connect to voice, and i was fine for a while, so i thought, the problem was voice related...after an hour, poof...disconnected AGAIN....this only affects me not my friends or my neighbours.....thinking it was something else, i rebooted my modem, updated and rebooted pc, ran malware and virus scan all came back good....logged back in, to go through the same issues again. at this point, i was getting stressed, i contacted my landlord i rent from, he rebooted sim, thinking the restart might have borked it up, after he did that, i tp'd back home....25mins later poof...disconnected again, i informed him, it is still happening, he said he will look into it..by this time i had submitted a support ticket with LL (still waiting to hear back from them!) so now, i cannot even go to my own home without fear of being forcefully disconnected....but, what is odd, is, that, i can go elsewhere in sl, and i can be fine and dandy for hours on end with no forced disconnects :( my landlord is saying, that, if i do not hear back from LL or they have not sorted it, he will gladly let me trial out another parcel to see if the issue persists, and, if not, he will transfer the tier to it for me...but he has agreed, only if LL do not get back me or cannot sort it, so he is upset for me also, but is still trying to find the cause out also... i have also, been in contact with my ISP about this, they have said it sound VERY ODD, and ran a test and noticed something was off, so, theyre sending out an engineer to test the line between my home and the fiber cabinet and will replace anything if it needs it.... i find this very odd that, it is happening only after the rolling restart, but is affecting only me and not my friends who visit me land, as i said, anywhere else in SL i am absolutely fine... is anyone else having this issue ? i asked in the singularity support group, and 1 or 2 are having it also, but not as frequent as i am... but im finding it odd, the only error i get, tells me i have been disconnected from voice at my location, befor being forcefully disconnected :( what i have tried: rebooting modem from the user interface directly power cycled modem updated and rebooted pc uninstalled and reinstalled my viewer ( issue actually happens to my main account and an alt ? ) tried the following wifi bands.. 2.4 & 5ghz (im connected by 5ghz band) tried ethernet cable and same issue same issue even if i log in on a chat client only on my phones traceroute test, displayed there WAS an issue somewhere between connections from me to LL servers a friend arrives and run some tests and noticed my script count was 97/100, but lowered after i removed something...moments later she saw my ping skyrocket before i connected, but no fluctuation in sim ping or packet loss on her end or mine...just POOF ................................................ anyone else had this ? and know of a solution ? it is stressing me out :c many thanks meka
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