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  1. Song of Silverwind invites you to explore a wilderness buzzing with magics! Silverwind was once a land of an uneasy alliance between elves and the humans, however soon it erupted into a bloody war. The war lasted over a thousand years and left most of the humans and elven kingdoms in ruins. Its been hundreds of years since then and other races have claimed silverwind as their home. However below the earth something stirs. The wars caused a corruption of the earth and warped the magic itself. Shadefall, the city of the dead, waits for its time to rise. Currently we are looking for l
  2. We extend a warm welcome from Song of Silverwind, A medieval Fantasy roleplay! Taking place in the northern mountains its a place that is still scarred by war, both recent and in the past! We welcome all sorts from animal rpers, to fae and elves, to humans and dragons..Our race list is more a guideline! We have a simple dice combat system in place thats easy to learn! It also promotes creativity in the rp. Maybe your ability is stun, did you use a dart of toxin? a spell? a frying pan? Our magic system is also not very restrictive! we want people to chose how they percieve magic. Maybe by m
  3. Hello! We at Song of Silverwind would love to extend a hand to invite you to our new sim. We have pleanty of room to grow and pleanty of positions to fill! We are a sim focused on the players so we are always happy to take suggestions or ideas! Currently our sim is in the middle of an event with monsters and a blizzard! You can rp in the sim and the group joiner is in the loby! But you can only use basic attacks, no special added abilities untill a character card is approved. We have freedom of magic. You can choose a more traditional School like blood magic- or you can use an aspect of our
  4. Song of Silverwind is a magical land to the north. It rests between the mountains and the sea. Long have the Elves hed the land but slowly the humans are encroaching. But even as the two races war on and off...darkness has begun to take hold in the blighted woods of Shadefall. Come join us in Silverwind! Its a medieval fantasy sim so we welcome most races! Our race list is more of a guideline <3 We do in world character cards however you are free to rp without one! you will just be unable to fight. We also have positions availible!! Lead roles: Leader of the Dragon flight Leader of the
  5. Song of Silverwind is a new sim, and we are looking for leads and players alike. We made our sim for the players so we always enjoy hearing feedback! Silverwind is a land in the north. You can come by sea or by land to this land full of strong magic. Medieval fantasy is the setting and races from wolves to orcs to dragons are welcome. our race list is more of an example. if you want to play something just ask us! We are currently looking for leads for these areas on sim: Blackwater Shoal (Merfolk Lead) Sect of the red night (thieves guild) Iron Brotherhood (mecenary guild) The Forgotten G
  6. A land once home to only the elves and the fae rests between the mountains and the sea. Full of magic it causes the humans who recently settled to live longer than avarag-some spanning to the age of 400. However darkness lurks in the forest, The war centuries prior destroyed and tainted part of the land... Song of Silverwind welcomes most races! We have a basic race list but we do accept other races, just ask! We have in world character cards so feel free to swing by, read the rules and pick one up. However you can rp without having a card in! You just cannot use class bonus's. Heres our
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