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  1. Thank you so much guys, it turned out I was too tired and in my LOD1 mesh there was a material not used with any triangles. That caused the problem. Now all works. Thanks
  2. Hello, I have build 13k triangle furniture set that i will be placing in my home. All works fine except I cannot get LOD4 low enough. Auto generating allows me only 670tris , no lower for some reason. Then I created simple LOD4 mesh so that: - main LOD and LOD4 have exact same number of materials used; - materials appear in exact same order in both (sorted alphabetically, checked collada, yes - they really appear in same order); - faces in LOD4 model are not tiny, they make up whole bounding box of high poly LOD model. Now, when I try to upload it as LOD4 - i get this error which has been circulating over and over in this forum: "Material of model is not a subset of reference model". So how can i make smallest possible LOD4 if autogenerating stucks at 670 and this custom LOD4 approach doesnt work? Thanks in advance
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