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  1. mesh and silver please I cannot find any good ones I'm an elf and striving for a fantasy appearance message me or post here if you can help. Leggings and long sleeves
  2. I have over 4 years of experience in second life I'm a male seeking a greeter dancing or security
  3. full mesh friendly well dressed 3 + years expreince will work for tips (^:^)
  4. post here if your club is active and hiring I'm full mesh 4 years experience and friendly
  5. you seem like a lovely couple id like to get to know you better and see what happens message me in game if you like ill be on later
  6. maybe i broke some forum rule long story short i got some kinda warning and it was removed i put 4 years into this should i worry?
  7. yes im dealing with social anxiety and i find this game helps me cope with it anyone one else brave enough to share
  8. i have 4 years of experince in second and im friendly will work for what ever tips come my way / post here or message in game
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