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  1. yes, my card is fine. I checked it today and even though grid status states that maintenance is done it still wont process my payment method..which I have used for 4 years. I am not sending these people my SSN #
  2. OMG Thank you!. do you have the link for updates? I'm a little slow in finding them..I looked for announcement like this. xoxox
  3. yea Im 2016 account I rarely buy that much.Im going to have to go make sure my bank account hasn't been hacked.
  4. I just bought Linden Dec 1st. I am not able to buy linden with my VISA now. I am reading there are new verification requirements for the TILIA system they're now using but in FAQ It says that Tilia doesn't require all that noise just. to. buy. linden.. So Is there a problem with buying Linden? Should I call my bank? Is it my card?..Or is it these new verification requirements from Tilia that I have no intentions of providing? Thanks for responses.
  5. In the picture , that's lovely. Ill check them out. I just got a demo from Cureless that looks comparable..I appreciate the link P.S. Sadly her skins don't seem to be available in Hourglass and i'm not finding anything that has an omega applier in the demos
  6. Hi all! I am new to the forums but I was wondering if I could get some help. I'm a huge lover of pale pale white skins however I have been trying demos and they're simply not pale enough or have a plastic look or air brushed look to them. I was using one brand that I liked for a long time. It was Egozy porcelain.(after a while you feel like you need something "different") I work as a manager on a beach and it's nice being a little unique among all the tan skins. I saw a girl one day with stunning random freckles on her pale skin and it was contoured and I was very impressed with the quality. I asked her if she wouldn't mind sharing where she got it from and I got no reply so..I guess she minded. I got a skin from another creator recently and while the skin looked nice and pale in the advert, the skin looked totally different worn and a little "powdered"(and it was a vamp skin and STILL not as pale as my face) I am mainly looking for a body applier for Slink HG (cause I'm fairly happy with my face) Some creators take the easy route and just make a blank "vamp" skin and seem to be happy with that. I'm looking for random small blemishes..a freckle here..a beauty mark there. Any unknown treasures out there waiting for me to find?..Please help. Thank you
  7. yea Im making tattoos for my Maitreya Mesh Body (Lara) via the omega dev kit and some of my arm tattoos are simply too much on both arms. I was hoping there was a way Ill just wait. Thankyou all for your replies
  8. Thankyou ,yes the tattoo I saw was on an aesthetic male body I believe. So Im not missing anything. Im just not able untilmy mesh body creator decides to start tackling separate arms. Thankyou again.
  9. Ive seen it on certain mesh bodies. Im making tattoos now but cant seem to wrap my head around how people are making tatttoos for only one arm? Any help is appreciated. Thanx -Tickled.
  10. Ive already made it. An offest texture placed on two transparent spheres(worn like glasses) of an eye lid blinking. It looks quite good. Thanx anyways.-Tickled
  11. I recently bought a gacha non animated mesh head. I thought for sure I had seen a "kit" sold on MP that basically was blinking eyelids for a regular avatar (not furry) Does anyone know where I could look or what search word to use on MP for that? I could prolly attach a transparent sphere to each eye with an offset texture on it that mimicd and eye blink but was hoping someone already sold one. Thans for your time and suggestions.-Tickled
  12. I have a friend who was a long time resident and they were perma banned given a bogus reason. I know this person RL and spent quite a lot of time with them in SL. They were quite old in SL and they spent a good month begging SL for proof of the alleged actions. ....Nothing. Do not think for one moment you are safe by following rules or for running away from certain activities.If LL decides to ban you...you are banned.
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