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  1. Disclaimer- This is not caused by HUDs, Scripts,/whatever other thing you can come up with. Yes I pre checked before posting. Okay so, now that the disclaimer is done to avoid 5.6 billion questions pretaining to user error (Which it may well be my fault as I've not dealth with second life in over a year.) here is the actual issue. When going into First Person View, or Mouse Look as it's commonly called, I try to "Shoot" in FPV. Let's say I want to use full auto and adjust to a target while I am moving and firing. Normally not an issue, until you realize that when you try to look to adjust fire all you get is a little white glove with a tiny locked symbol on it moving on the screen instead of your whole head while shooting. This isn't an item/hud thing as other people seem to not have this issue at all. I've looked in prefrences but nothing changes it. Any ideas? Possible debug?
  2. Hello there. I've searched for a while to find a good HUD and system that allows fluid third person combat/first person combat that can be used with Mass Effect weapons. I unfortunatly can't find anything at all. I was wondering if someone could give me a quote on how much it would be to hire them to make a hud that is Mass Effect Themed and works in comparison to ME1 Game mechanics (Weapons overheat, powers have cooldowns, ammo counter. You know.). If you're interested please leave a quote.
  3. Sorry for the necro post but I'm looking for an MEU RP server. Need something to tie me over as I wait for Andromeda to come out. Anything still alive or going on?
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