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  1. Hi BillihoAdrin thanks but don`t I need a pic of me on my profile in sl so they know im genuine female and use voice alot?
  2. Apart from I have a few reasons to be personal about it, I have no sex toy or sex cloths in rl I would love to be a cam girl but I never done it before.
  3. People saying negative things about people with ought known them first makes them think that some people are jelouse and griefers and desperate. They make it out evryone should be a mind reader and have payment info on their profile be wrekless with there money and griefers cut there own through I'm ignoring negative things about me from now on, experience changes judgment not age of profile age is just a number. And everyone had to start somewhere.
  4. I love my maitreya body and know how to escorts and in going to find out who is turning people against me they don't even trust any one these days.
  5. No hurry, I was thinking no wonder people get confused with me when I say rl and sl, whe I should put real life and second life, I guess I have a habbit of typing shortand than full word, I guess it is a habbit I would hsvr to brack out from.
  6. I whan`t to be a cam girl, a cam escort but do you need to emote even on cam.
  7. srop advertising as much on this formun and let everyone else who can do there job right adverise. maybe you hire the right people from now on rude girl mia.
  8. i gave her an emote it wasn`t good enoght, I re submited my emote and she ignored me she dosn`t listen to people and she dosn`t give people a chace she dosn`t respect peples feelings and just banes the them at random I offered the chance make a better emote im sick and tired of people ban me for Missunderstaning me they think they know everything they do not listen they think there know all and just label griefer instead of listaning her name is MIa.
  9. Im a bit busy so sorry I cant get back to you I will have to use my lumiya viewer to get on sl sorry am If I didn`t see the person trying to help me never saw her addy sorry I can`t remeber her name, but I think I might have my sl voice fixed.
  10. I like your advement sadly im going out tonught hope I can pop on over and see for myself.
  11. I have rezzology hair, mesh body lelutuka and a maitreya mesh body does it involve theme night I dont mind but I don`t have the lindens to constantly change outfits right now thats why im allways freelancing in 100% mesh.
  12. never be down hearted by anayone, many will say or take advantage because you profile is still 3 months or under if not there allway plenty of cool freelance places where you can make lindens and be yourself, most managers listen to hear say take there side when its there mistakes not yours build your mind up hire you the clients would make mistakes missunderstand you and you the one loose the job you like and yet they male out they looking after club reputation when they would take there side over you as a member of staff when comon sense tells you staff comes first and you need staff for clients to come in then after a whilw they disapoint you by leting you go then when you get angey they make it out you dont have the light of opinion you dont have a right of say. and everyone is to frightened to back you up because they trying to keep there job in sl, like in one place I put in an application and the owner never told me she never bothere to read it she made an excuse she did then imed me and said I was inexperinced and I think to hightly of myself when I dont I asked her how why sshe throught that, she answered it dosent matter why. im a nice decent loyal hard working girl smart and well liked im tredy and to ask people there whanting to hire and speack to strangers that way is apauling, and I didnt come to sl to cause griefe and drama, there alot of greed and jelosu=y and haters in sl, and you cand blame any one and they pic on strangers they dont know, my main prfile is 5month and my alt is used for being an escort/prstitue.whore/call girl, all you need is hight quoloity cloths and avatar or even to be a true escort what it really means to be a true escort is dont wear demos there are good quolity classy stuff and 1L$ and up never do free sex and never ask for free sex never pass yourself as cheap the more you spend on yourself the more your worth and the more people will spend on you like mines is a maitreya mesh the body is from maitreya isles and lelutka is the mesh hair and head and the skin I got for thr head is from there.you might have to go there to get the sjoes boots for maitreya feet but any type of mesh cloth that has a maitreya hud is fine even appliers, some viewers can let are capable with mesh stuff and will see it better so if they dont have it and being mean to you how can they tell the diffrence? and if you notice the people who say your spaming them and your not because you accadently gave your password out and blaming you for spamming and you check up there profiles and see there it says there account 10 or more yrs old thats the same with othere mean people who speack to you they thin just because they have been on sl longer they have the right to speack to you dissrespectfully causeing drama etc and they dont make mistakes they dont have the common sence to apologise and have respect and tell you calmly adult nice polite straight some times youd fine are they useing bots? they make it out they dont they plb do they dont listen or try they are allways right that isnt the case they say to have fun while there they contradict themselfs you this that and the next thing, and they think men are stupid not to realise who the right one and the wrong one is we all make mistakes, you would plb find the ones that speacks mean to strangers are the ones who dont get much clients or there sim is allways empty they dont realist that is why it is empty who is going to go to a sim who hires people and treats them like crap, and you will plb notice that person has been baned from alot of places, had there account with held by linden labs or a griefer from anothere account and it is an alt and they say it isnt theyd say anthing to get out of i and abandon sl alltogethere leave there account then the account ages in 10yr theyd go back to it make out they know sl better than you when they never stayed on it long enoght to learn it and allow the do is lie, like the time my alt worked in toy slaves brothel great place but madam april baned me because I was an alt when they kne when i told them after hireing me for a couple of days, once when I was in dimond dolls I never got the chance to put my application in the manager said i wasnt right I had all the requirments and never even read it she didnt even look that was a mesh body and yet she said she knows mesh,they forget the rules of sl they are humans behind the avatars we have feeling but there to stupid and immature to remember that they act as low there imature or men yet theyd be lieing about their age or gender posing as a girl and geting away with it and yrt good people of sl who is a 100% female rping as a female are insulted by them insulting your gender. of course they are people on sl rp a girl and there men in rl or vice ver sa there are child avatars rping as child and there really adults just ike DB braderes might have made me sound like. im 24 f Scotland uk and people forget there people on sl from all overe the world from diffrent backc=ground cultures etc and they have forgoten that you find out alot oe people with old profiles are like this and some not all who own a sim and are like this, like the girl in dimond dolls wasnt a manager or an owner so w=how did she get the right to ban people she wasnt the security she wasnt the owner, that was the same when I was working in sl as a dr then when i rpd as a dr and had to go back there to find help no one helped me and that person didnt give me time to tp out they baned me, just like in rent a whore, I was acused of bloking them s=they were spreading lies and stories about me behind my back when they dont even know me, they never even gave me a chance to fill out the application when I told them I had to go to the toilet in rl them when I came back I found myself ejected and baned when they saw my profile was offline, amd the girl who baned me from dimond dolls said no iming the clients ect when I never did. alot of people pretent to be your firend make out your doing good and turn you against people when they just use you not really your friend and are not doing their jobs right and dont understand that eithere. then that friend they call it then you find out for yourself loose firnds they turned you against all because of them you find out the truth and, i found a bunch of bots in toy slaves brothel. and what thet dont understand is guys know who the bad ones and good ones are they say things to keep the peace like us wemen they make mistakes like us wemen but actually men are not as stupid as you think they know who is too good for them and who isnt but they dont whant to tell people that because they try there best not to hurt poeple ok men can be bad or good but cant we all be? there not as stupid as some of those mean people think they are anf most sims are empty because of it. any some of them cant tell who is a girl and a boy or yong and old anymore thats why most dont pay paying escorts they say they dont whant to help because they think people whont thank them back, we wemen arent all the same and not all blue eyed blonds ar dumb blond belive you me, some people who say spas daftys that is crap sorry to anyone reading this I dont mean to sound bad, but people who act like spaz dafty and dumb blond arent even blonf or even got anything wrong with them and act lile it they dont even have th comon sense to except and realise the diffrence.
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