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  1. I like secret diary of a call girl and would love to rp belle she my fav, My emoting is ok but not that good, I know lilith you mean well I understand you but can you plz be less brutal.
  2. I am ok at emoting Id love to learn it better my fav is bell in secret diary of a call girl, so I would love to start in sl somehow ill star in eascort oasis.
  3. Hi BillihoAdrin thanks but don`t I need a pic of me on my profile in sl so they know im genuine female and use voice alot?
  4. I love that show charmed cole turner and the sisters from charmed when they play evil villains Im not that way enclined in rl but It would be cool to rp an evil demonic villin.If anyone can find an active one in sl pls let me know I rp as a sl Escort if that is not allowed I will change.
  5. Apart from I have a few reasons to be personal about it, I have no sex toy or sex cloths in rl I would love to be a cam girl but I never done it before.
  6. I need help with Escorting emotes for voice text and cam escorting, I can emote but iv said to show more feeling, personality and more human, and typing and thanks because I want to be a great sl Escort, and can you do cam Escorting even If you are overweight, don't have any sex toys and sexy lingerie? because id love to be a cam girl. if I learn to emote better and this would be my first cam girl Experience, plus how can a girl do cam if she at legal age and still stays with her parents? and the reason why I do Is because I'm not paying the bill the law sucks here and the stat of the country I'm in a lot of Scottish people are doing that now.
  7. People saying negative things about people with ought known them first makes them think that some people are jelouse and griefers and desperate. They make it out evryone should be a mind reader and have payment info on their profile be wrekless with there money and griefers cut there own through I'm ignoring negative things about me from now on, experience changes judgment not age of profile age is just a number. And everyone had to start somewhere.
  8. Or debit cards in sly and iv tried to pay money using prepaid credit cards and it dose not work, so I will try another way I might make another profile but deciding the new name, I am getting better at staying in character and I understand more of sly and I can stand on my own to feet now, so I am going to try new ways and learn to sl Escort properly, With I'm over weight and out of shape, so I am going to loose weight get my fig back as soon as possible when I do I want to become a cam model, so this time I will need some serious training if I can for free Escort training great or work something out so I can pay the fee if I can not find any free Escort training, because when I get back into shape I want to be a sl cam girl, so if I somehow can find someone can teach me to be a great sl Escort and maybe earn linden for class fees if needed, that would be great, and yes I stay with my parents and there ok as long as I play it safe and I know quite abet about sl Escorting, so if anyone can help me thanks and I'm trying to think of a good Escort name to make a Dedicated Escort account.
  9. I love my maitreya body and know how to escorts and in going to find out who is turning people against me they don't even trust any one these days.
  10. No hurry, I was thinking no wonder people get confused with me when I say rl and sl, whe I should put real life and second life, I guess I have a habbit of typing shortand than full word, I guess it is a habbit I would hsvr to brack out from.
  11. Im me in world if intrested Im 35 Scotland uk my rats are 100 verification and 1000 - 10,000L you don`t need to be rich if youd not pay me what you can.
  12. I wish when someone says upscale they would describe it because the word upscale can mean many of things in all contrys im from Scotland uk I started doing voice a week ago and everyone says iv got a sexy voice, heck I don`t know why im just talking normally.
  13. I whan`t to be a cam girl, a cam escort but do you need to emote even on cam.
  14. Looking for m/f to help me with my linden crisise im a girl newly into findomme im more of a domme.
  15. srop advertising as much on this formun and let everyone else who can do there job right adverise. maybe you hire the right people from now on rude girl mia.
  16. i gave her an emote it wasn`t good enoght, I re submited my emote and she ignored me she dosn`t listen to people and she dosn`t give people a chace she dosn`t respect peples feelings and just banes the them at random I offered the chance make a better emote im sick and tired of people ban me for Missunderstaning me they think they know everything they do not listen they think there know all and just label griefer instead of listaning her name is MIa.
  17. Im a bit busy so sorry I cant get back to you I will have to use my lumiya viewer to get on sl sorry am If I didn`t see the person trying to help me never saw her addy sorry I can`t remeber her name, but I think I might have my sl voice fixed.
  18. I like your advement sadly im going out tonught hope I can pop on over and see for myself.
  19. but ill try it it would be good for a days work to hang out at a classy place where you dont have to work.
  20. Please im me in world and help me be sucessfull and make myself known only in sl. My limits: othere than, rl pic swaping, voice and cam there are no limits MY RATES: from Min:300L$ - Max: 70kL$ ESCORT Role plays - 15000L$ plus free meeting with me in my own flat to discuse the rp the script and everything that needs to be done. BJ 30 mins - 300L$ the girl friend experience - 700L$ shemale - 600L$ Domme play - 800L$ Bdsm - 1100L$ fetishes - 1100L$ dressing up - 500L$ Gang Bangs - 300L$ per person Group sex - 300L$ per person Single sex - 700L$ Tesing - 300L$ yes I have sex toys Going on a date - price of date costs Coupling - 600L$ Lesbian sex -300L$ Straight sex - 300L$ 3som - 20 somes in any rotation - 300L$ per person one off payment all together - 6000L$ Message - 300L% to 600L$ theraputic stuff - 700L$ bundles - 60000L$ 60 thousand. Thanks Belle
  21. I have rezzology hair, mesh body lelutuka and a maitreya mesh body does it involve theme night I dont mind but I don`t have the lindens to constantly change outfits right now thats why im allways freelancing in 100% mesh.
  22. Iv allways wondered if I decided to joine a rl escort agency and mete face to face on cam them use second life ro do her escort work instead of rl meet and doing it in rl instead doing it in second life geting paud for it and giveing her escort agency comisstion do you think its possiable? please mail me the answer throught the sl mail in the forumn.
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