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  1. That is plenty of help.. amazing.. I will look into it all.. thank you so much xox
  2. Thank you for your replay... I realized that once I opened the blender lol ... Is something I would love to learn and do down the line so any advice, link and tutorial is much appritiated... What is the next step once clothes are made in MD... export it to Blender, maya, Zbrush, SubstancePainter? What is the easiest way? I hear words like retopping, baking and can find tutorials for bits and pieces but is hard to conect them all... Xxx
  3. Hi... I just started using Marvelous designer few weeks ago. I have never used blender or any other similar program but I wish to learn. I started making clothes for Sansar and I wish to do the same in Second Life. All tutorials I can find are really old and have no idea where to starts. I could really use some help and any advice is appritiated. If you know the steps and what is necessary to upload Marvelous designer clothes to Second Life or if you can hook me up with some latest tutorials. Thank you xox
  4. That wasnt possible.... and what is talked about here is not possible trough sl or any kind of huds....is done outside sl... i am not a hacker so i do not know how... all i know nothing is safe....i was even explaned how but that was unfamiliar terminology for me... I know from first hand cause it happened.... and i knew about it while it was hapening...
  5. can you tell me why i can not upload pictures on my profile feed and how to fix it..thank you
  6. For a fact I know it is true... my partner could read my ims with others... he could see me what i do on the other sim as well... i didnt mind it and i didnt ask how.... but just so you know... is true and apsolutely possible...
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