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  1. 9 hours ago, Dillon Levenque said:

    Another option is to create your own superhero: this IS Second Life, after all. Quinn Morani once shared a story with me regarding something her daughter had said at the age of 7 or 8: she had decided everybody possessed a superpower of some kind and when queried decided Mommy's was 'reading'. Quinn even wondered aloud what her hero name would be. 

    I realized that could work in SL, so I asked @Argus Collingwood to make a costume (for which I probably paid about a tenth what it was worth) based on one of those names, 'The Battling Bookworm'. Quinn's birthday was not long before Halloween so it gave her a good excuse to wear it. She decided she needed a useful superhero accessory—the sidekick—so I had to come up with a role and outfit for myself. Doing all that is still one of my very favorite things ever from SL.

    The Battling Bookworm and her trusty sidekick, Stacks:


    BB and Stacks.PNG

    ps: Maddy took this picture; she probably has a larger print. I must have resized mine somewhere along the line.

    WOW that is an awesome outfit!  I do prefer doing stories with more original characters etc. My character is more of the spy type to be honest.

    I have a couple of outfits but this ones my favorite.



  2. Hey there! I have been in SL for a while now and I recently started making comics and serials; (All shot in second life and posted over on Deviantart.) 

    I have been to a few superhero themed places in SL for a while now but I notice they lean to a more well..kinky/fetish based tone. (Not that there is anything wrong with it, i'd just prefer my stories without all that) The other superhero themed places I've been too seemed to have dwindling in terms of a stable community. Am I missing something? I tried setting up some groups/joining groups etc. but it didn't seem to catch on just yet. Maybe I'm checking in the wrong places? I would LOVE to meet others into this type of thing, especially if they're into making their own stories and or characters. Or better yet a full community? 


  3. Hello! I have been looking for a good RP group/Partner(s)/Sim that is welcome for Superhero/Spy stories.

    I like to RP traditional spy and superhero stories with those silly over the top deathtraps and perils. 

    I have noticed that a lot the the hero play in SL is mostly fetish based and I am finding it increasingly harder to find a partner that is willing to do a story with me due to not being into kink/fetish/sex play. I go PG-13 at most...If anyone is interested in giving this style and tone a shot please do let me know!


  4. When I logged on earlier was wearing an outfit...when I wanted to change my outfit The 1st outfit was still on. Even if I detached it it would NOT go away.. I tried the Character Test but That didn't help. in fact some of the clothing from THAT is now stuck too. NOTHING I am doing is working...how can I fixed this.. i am very annoyed and done with trying. Please help :/

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