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  1. Thanks for the interest! I have send each of you a message and friend request inworld and I plan to set up a group in Second Life for notices this weekend. Someone also contacted me with an offer to build a small village. I think in the earl stage we will have to settle for a cheap plot of land, but if it becomes successful I hope we can move to a full sim eventually. Dreaming is fun! I have also learned to build, so I can teach it to anyone in the group, but preferrably all at once if possible. Big hugs!!!
  2. Anybody is welcome, whether you are a para roleplayer or beginner. I'm interested in the friendships and community. I would like to build a village eventually that we can enjoy together, disregarding fantasy race.
  3. Hi everyone! I decided to give Second Life another shot. I would like to start a new fantasy community with friends, so I'm seeking people with likeminded interests like fantasy books, movies and rp. Building, dancing and other events sound like fun also. I would like to do any of these things regularly again and am great at organizing. Eventually I hope to build a village for these close friends and I to hang out and share. Please send me an im inworld> Hugs!!!
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